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At Tailored Brands, we believe that it is important that we provide fulfilling work in a safe and inclusive workplace where everyone is treated with dignity, respect and understanding. We “Own It Together” because together we can do great things.


Lead with the Customer. Inspire the Change. Own it Together. Nurture the Community. That’s LION—the core values that drive how we work. Across Tailored Brands, we’re truly customer-obsessed. We like to kick off conversations by asking one another, “What does the customer want?” We play to win and achieve breakthrough growth with our curiosity, diversity of thought that drives our innovation, and smart risk-taking. We believe that how we work together matters, and that respect, trust and inclusivity are performance multipliers.


At Tailored Brands, we offer a broad range of benefits to support employees’ total well-being – from health to wealth – and have some amazing perks too.

Here’s a brief summary of our employee benefit programs:

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Employee health and wellness is a key focus at Tailored Brands. That’s why we offer a number of benefits and programs that encourage employees to get healthy and stay healthy. We offer eligible employees a wide range of medical, dental and vision benefit plans that they can tailor to fit their particular health care needs. Non-smokers and non-tobacco users are rewarded for their healthy choice and we offer that reward to any smokers or tobacco users who complete our company-sponsored cessation program as well.

We also offer our employees a comprehensive wellness program which gives them access to fitness and nutrition advice, as well as the ability to earn wellness dollars to pay for eligible medical expenses. Our Employee Assistance Program offers a variety of resources, tools and services to help, including free counseling sessions, employees and those in their households.

Health and Wellness

Additional Voluntary Benefits

We also want to help our employees plan for life events and emergencies as well as provide them opportunities to maximize their paychecks. To that end, during open enrollment, employees can choose to purchase life insurance, accident insurance, disability insurance and pre-paid legal services. Employees can also elect to participate in our 401(k) Savings Plan. We support employees to continue their education by reimbursing a portion of their eligible education expenses, and the Tailored Brands Family Educational Foundation Scholarship Program helps children of employees achieve their educational goals through college scholarships. We also offer financial assistance to help pay for the expensive costs of adoption. Finally, employees have the opportunity to participate in Tailored Brands Perks at Work which allows them to save money on large purchases as well as every-day items.

Health and Wellness

Assisting with the Commute

Commuting to and from work in large urban areas can be a challenge. Employees are encouraged to carpool and rewarded for doing so. We recognize that carpooling saves people money, minimizes stress, and reduces greenhouse gases associated with the commute to work. In addition, to help employees utilize more public transportation, we offer a free shuttle to and from two train stations near our corporate offices in Fremont, CA.


Across the Company, we believe that it is important to recognize employees for doing great work and setting examples of living our values. We have several tools available to offer recognition, one of which is an online peer-to-peer recognition program. This tool allows employees and leaders to instantly send a “Roar” to a peer for going above and beyond. This program helps ensure our employees know their efforts are being noticed.


  • A cornerstone of our Company’s success is our commitment to promote employee growth through extensive and ongoing training programs. Our training seeks to emphasize personal and career development, employee empowerment, and building quality relationships with colleagues and customers. We incorporate a multifaceted approach to training that includes comprehensive on-boarding programs coupled with a series of continuing-education offerings.
  • Leadership Circles shape the Tailored Brands leaders of tomorrow. Participants include a diverse representation of directors and above from the offices or distribution centers/supply chain and regional managers/regional sales directors and above from stores, business units and brands. Over a two-year period each cohort works through eight modules where they develop leadership skills, engage with Company executives and leaders and visit eight of the Tailored Brands shared business functions to learn and influence processes in a hands-on, first person experience.
  • In our stores, employees have the opportunity to continuously learn and improve to move up to their desired role. Training programs range from hands-on in-store training, to on-demand videos and instructor-led webinars. Our “Management Essentials Training” (MET) program consists of 10 live webinars delivered over a six-month period for all newly-promoted managers and store employees nominated by their multi-unit manager.
  • Our history of internal promotion is a key component of our Company. Fast track growth opportunities reward high-performing employees that excel in our employee-centric environment.


We are committed to asking questions, listening and taking action at all levels to drive employee engagement and create a great place to work! Each year we survey our employees to measure and improve employee engagement and satisfaction. Action plans are created and implemented by leadership based on the results of this survey, and overall results are shared globally.

In 2019, the Company donated $1 for every survey competed to The Willie Lopez Emergency Assistance Fund, an internal nonprofit supported solely by Tailored Brands employees.

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Distinct styles and perspectives informed by our employees’ varied cultural backgrounds and life experiences are at the heart of Tailored Brands. Our diversity reflects our customers and helps us to create one-of-a-kind experiences for them.


At Tailored Brands, diversity and inclusion has always been a part of our fabric. Our Diversity Vision Statement, which was created by our Diversity Peer Council, provides:

  • We are committed to being a diverse and inclusive organization
  • We promote respect and communication as the foundation for building stronger relationships
  • We seek to understand each employee’s unique perspective and voice—listening with open hearts and open minds
  • We value continuous learning, cultural awareness, and an open exchange of ideas, so our employees can be their best selves at work and drive innovation


The D&I Council, comprised of enterprise-wide employees at the Director level or above, is committed to raising awareness of the value of diversity and inclusion within the organization through training and communications; launching programs to help combat unconscious bias and other barriers to entry or success; fostering a work environment that increases employee engagement and encourages new ideas and innovation; ensuring all employees feel included and valued regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, visible or invisible disability, life experiences, thought processes, or other unique traits. The goals of the D&I Council will align with the strategic goals of Tailored Brands to harness the power of diversity and inclusion for our stakeholders.


The CEI rates workplaces on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Equality. In 2019, we scored 95 up from 80 out of 100 rating in 2017, which earns us the HRC’s recognition as a “recommended” place to shop in their annual Buyers’ Guide.

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Supply Chain


Our Design & Global Sourcing Team contracts with responsible vendors throughout the world to ensure our products are manufactured in accordance with acceptable environmental, legal, and ethical standards. We will not partner with suppliers and factories that are unwilling or unable to work with us to achieve our compliance standards.


We contract with responsible vendors throughout the world to ensure our products are manufactured in accordance with acceptable environmental, legal and ethical standards. Our supply chain practices include:

  • Monitoring vendor compliance activity through direct audits or through third-party auditors
  • Reviewing our vendor base and manufacturing volumes from source countries
  • Seeking alternate source countries and emerging markets and developing contingency plans to react to various economic or geo-political barriers that may arise
  • Evaluating our processes and performance and creating solutions to minimize our environmental impact, such as switching from corrugated to recyclable totes for internal movement of product and other items inside our distribution centers
  • Exploring new technologies to maximize our storage and processing capacity without adding additional footprint or expending non-essential resources
  • Building reliability and strategic redundancy through regionalization of our distribution network operations to ensure that, in the event of emergency, significant parts of the business could be shifted to other locations to provide business continuity

In 2020, Newsweek published America’s Most Responsible Companies and listed Tailored Brands as the 15th best within the retail industry by giving back to the communities we operate in and standing up as good neighbors and citizens. In addition, we were honored to receive the 2018 Circle of Excellence Award by the Distribution Business Management (DBM) Association in recognition of our sustainable supply chain management, commitment to social responsibility and environmental stewardship.


We recognize that our responsibility as a Company extends beyond our supply chain and have developed our Supplier Code of Conduct to set the compliance requirements that all our suppliers should attain. These standards are communicated by each of our suppliers to their workers and posted prominently in the supplier sites. To reinforce our commitment to the standards, we audit our supplier sites. Separately, we use the services of independent third-party, Underwriters Laboratory (UL), to audit the factories in which we do business to assess compliance with our Supplier Code of Conduct. In addition, we accept a certification from WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) in lieu of an inspection. Our new suppliers must pass an audit or show WRAP certification before they are able to manufacture for us, and legacy suppliers are audited at least once a year or have a current WRAP certification. We do this to ensure a consistent standard for working conditions throughout the world that are often above and beyond local regulation.

We believe in continuous improvement and remediation over termination. If a supplier does not fully meet our requirements under our Supplier Code of Conduct, we will work with them to develop a corrective action plan (CAP). The CAP provides next steps to remediate the findings found in an audit, and there will be a subsequent follow-up audit to assess their progress.

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We are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. Our programs and policies incorporate information privacy best practices, and we continuously invest in our security capabilities, including maintaining and enhancing our existing technologies to stay ahead of new security threats.


We are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers. Our programs and policies incorporate information privacy best practices, and infuse privacy by design concepts into our corporate culture, to ensure compliance with global, federal and state security and privacy laws and industry standards. We lead with a focus on modern, consumer-centric, yet business-driven, privacy practices and ethical corporate governance to maintain the trust our customers place in us with their data. For more information about how we maintain and protect customer information, please see our Privacy Policy. Our General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer holds regular briefings with the Audit Committee of our Board of Directors regarding the ever-shifting data privacy regulatory landscape, risks and mitigating actions.


Cybersecurity incidents and data breaches, particularly in the retail industry, have been well publicized. Like other retailers, we are subject to cybersecurity risks. We use a range of technologies and security controls to minimize the threat and impact of unauthorized access to our networks and systems. Our data protection efforts include vendor security due diligence and management, monitoring, auditing, vulnerability assessments, employee awareness, regular drills and phishing tests, designed to protect our customers’ data from intrusions and unauthorized access and minimize the harms associated with such events. We continuously invest in our security capabilities, including maintaining and enhancing our existing technologies to continue to stay ahead of new security threats. In addition, we regularly train and educate our employees to maintain the necessary standards of privacy and confidentiality. Our Board of Directors devotes a significant amount of time and attention to oversight of cybersecurity and information security risks, including regular updates from our Chief Technology Officer to the Board’s Audit Committee regarding cybersecurity matters. 

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