Our Greater Purpose

“At Tailored Brands, we are aware that we have a responsibility to serve a greater
purpose, and we are committed to social responsibility and environmental stewardship
throughout our Company.”

President and Chief Executive Officer


Our Progress

We will continue to increase our use of metrics so that our efforts are transparent to our stakeholders. We are also working diligently to develop specific sustainability goals as we further implement our strategic plan. While this process remains more evolutionary than revolutionary, we are excited to share highlights from our progress to date:


  • Approximately two-thirds of our Board members are diverse, including three women, and all Board leadership positions are held by diverse directors
  • Company leadership is comprised of approximately one-third women and approximately 50% ethnic minorities
  • We achieved a score of 95 out of 100 in 2019 on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index


  • Tailored Brands donated $100,000 to Delivering Good, Inc. to support the management of our product donations to a network of more than 700 nonprofit organizations serving those affected by poverty and disaster
  • As a member of Points of Light's Corporate Service Council, we strive to foster a volunteer culture amongst our employees
  • To date, Men’s Wearhouse has donated more than $2 million to Hire Heroes USA® to assist in their mission to transform military service into civilian success


  • We audit all of our manufacturing facilities and our largest mills on an annual basis
  • We will not partner with suppliers or factories that are unwilling or unable to work with us to achieve our compliance standards
  • We have a comprehensive Supplier Code of Conduct that prohibits forced labor and child labor and requires freedom of association


  • We regularly evaluate our processes and our performance to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment
  • In 2019, we launched a new test program using our trucks to haul recyclable materials from our stores to our distribution centers for bundling and recycling
  • We use airflow streaming technologies such as nose cones in our last mile fleet and wheel skirts on our over-the-road trailers

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We are committed to social responsibility and environmental stewardship throughout our Company. We want to make a positive contribution to society and always look for ways we can do better for our customers, employees, shareholders, business partners and the communities in which we operate. We believe that engaged employees create great experiences for customers; that those great customer experiences translate into shareholder value; and that shareholder value provides the Company and its employees the opportunity to further support and give back to the community.

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Our Company

We are committed to social responsibility and offering safe workspaces where all are treated with dignity, understanding and respect. We believe that it is important for our Company to provide fulfilling work in diverse and inclusive settings. We also recognize that our responsibility as a company extends beyond our four walls and into our supply chain, including the working conditions of the factories that we utilize, and to protecting the privacy of our customers.

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Our Community

We are dedicated to nurturing the communities in which we live and do business. With corporate offices in four major urban areas and more than 1,400 stores across US and Canada, we recognize our opportunity to make a significant, positive impact on our communities.

We are, and will continue to be, as committed to nurturing our communities as we are to offering world class customer service and products.

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All Of Us

Our Planet

We recognize that almost all aspects of our business have an impact on the environment, and we believe that environmental responsibility is not just good for our planet – it is good for our business. We are seeking solutions that will reduce our environmental impact and allow us to leave a smaller footprint while promoting long-term sustainability. We are committed to continuing to strive to be good citizens of our planet and to help create a more sustainable tomorrow for all of us.

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Highlight Communications

Tailored Brands and our employees have generous spirits. When not providing world class service to our customers, we are invested in supporting and nurturing the communities in which we live and work. We understand that it is the communities we serve that have made us successful and we are privileged to give back to our employees, our customers and our communities.

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